The Beauty Blog

Of course, the most substantial/entertaining hobby that I will be partaking in during the next few months is studying abroad in Barcelona and traveling through Europe. However, during the rare weekends that I decide to relax and stay central to my home in Gracia, I realized that I should dedicate a secondary section of my blog to something else that I’m both passionate and knowledgeable about: makeup.

Growing up with a mom whose self-made success can be attributed to her independently owned beauty store and remarkable talent of doing others’ makeup, I was naturally inclined to be intrigued in this topic.


Many people consider cosmetics to be superficial, time-consuming and unnecessary. Although these characteristics can most definitely be true in certain situations, I have been raised to view makeup as a form of art, a way to reduce a feature you’re self-conscious about and a form of self-expression. According to an article found on, 67% of women receive better treatment, hold a better posture, and are more confident in general.


Overall, I strongly believe people must realize that makeup is a form of self-expression, not a mask. Although I wear makeup, I am still confident when wearing none at all but choose to put it on because I love using and experimenting with it. Although makeup makes me feel dressed-up and put together, the reason for my passion is due to the unique products and enjoyable process. Makeup isn’t a way to bury yourself from everyone else; it’s a way to help your features shine.

I hope this posts gives you an understanding of the reasons for my interest in cosmetics…throughout the next few months, I will do my best to post updates of my favorite hair, skin and beauty products/tips and tricks!