Marta Alonso

During Wednesday’s class we had the pleasure of hearing from Marta Alonso, former head of digital in Edelman, Spain and current founder and director of CircleLine.


During the presentation, Alonso explained that although she enjoyed the working as Edelman’s Senior Account Manager and learning the ins and outs of the digital world, she wanted to further her creativity to generate desirability among brands that seek a modern day management title amongst today’s clients/users.

Thus, in 2010 she created CircleLine, a digital storytelling agency that builds creative narratives and marketing tactics for all sorts of brands in order to build a long lasting relationship between the company and the buyer. To do this, Alonso explains that every worthwhile campaign must be delivered through all relevant social media platforms that combine interactive content on social networks with brands.

During the initial launch of the corporation, Marta developed offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Andorra dedicated to the externalization of Community Management and development of software for social media with clients such as Doctors Without Borders, Spanair and Fira de Barcelona. Soon after the success of the initial publicity, Alonso continued to expand her clientel by creating the first community in the world of what is now the global network of Instagramers, which is basically an online FAQ for new users that consists of 400 international groups in 3 years. Since, Alonso has acquired clients of all sorts, including FC Barcelona, ​​Vueling, Damm Group, Sonar Music Festival, PayPal, Rockabox, Sagrada Familia, Catalan Tourist Board and the Generalitat de Catalunya. Not to mention, she has also worked as a journalist for RTVE and media as guest professor at La Salle, TecnoCampus (UPF), University of Barcelona and University of New Haven (Barcelona).

After further researching Alonso, I was extremely impressed when reading about one of her most well-known campaigns with Vueling, an airline I’ve happen to fly on quite frequenty during my time studying abroad. Ultimately, Marta took an idea that Vueling originally created, and used her creativity and marketing experience to generate a visual production capable of impacting our society. The final product is truly a work of art and was not possible without Marta’s input and assistance.

Marta’s background and accomplishments are both unique and inspiring, as there are not many people who are able to take something they have a passion for, in Marta’s case, Instagram, and turn it into an effective, successful, and most importantly, enjoyable, career.




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