Marketing & Advertising via Social Media

One of the most well-know companies in terms of using social media such as Instagram and Twitter as the main source of brand advertisement is the UK-based coconut oil dental product–Cocowhite. Cocowhite applies a variety of online promotional strategies to reach their target audience. First and foremost, the company keeps their natural teeth whitener simple and straightforward by offering one product in three different flavors.


As soon as Cocowhite began business, they already had enacted their main strategy of paying celebrities and models to promote their products on social media. Within 6 months of launching a social media account, Cocowhite gained 28k followers on Twitter and 316k followers on Instagram, thus resulting in a quick and effective way to generate sales. Not to mention, the majority of Cocowhite’s brand representatives have millions of followers of their own, allowing the endorsements to reach users all over the world. If you are an avid Instagram user it is ultimately impossible to escape seeing a picture of the Cocowhite product while scrolling on your newsfeed.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.26.26 AM

The company also realizes the importance of maintaining and increasing brand awareness among young consumers—Cocowhite takes today’s generations new craze of selfies into consideration by leveraging the trend of ‘#selfie”. On each Cocowhite package, for example, the company writes: “TAKE A #COCOSELFIE & TAG @COCOWHITEUK ON INSTAGRAM FOR A CHANCE TO WIN AMAZING PRIZES! DETAILS: COCOWHITE.COM/WIN.” Cocowhite clearly embraces the trends occurring throughout social media and applies these fads to grow their brand.


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