New Social Media – “Ello”

One of the most prominent up and coming social media platforms of 2016 is Ello, a company that promotes the message to “join the creators community, not the status quo.”


One of the reasons why I chose to write about this specific form of social media is that Ello will never sell advertisements, as it considers itself an alternative to mainstream networks that manipulate what we see, control and think. Unlike sites such as Facebook that sell users’ data to companies that bid the highest, Ello is unique in that it stands with the theory that it is both unsafe and immoral to publicize the things we love.


Essentially, Ello presents itself as a site for people to “discover beautiful art, be inspired by meaningful stories, and connect with creators around the world.” Because the first time I heard of Ello was actually in last week’s class, I decided to make an account so I was able to provide input on my thoughts regarding the site.

Immediately upon creating an account, I appreciated the simplicity of signing up. By simply submitting your email, a “get started” message is automatically sent, prompting the user to create a username and password. After entering your interests/information, Ello produces results that align with your hobbies. This is one of my favorite aspects of the website, as in contrast to Pinterest, for example, a user doesn’t have to spend time searching and following accounts. Instead, Ello integrates your fascinations to produce photos, quotes and stories that catch your attention.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.36.37 AM

In my opinion, Ello is extremely similar to Tumblr in both its format and content. Though I commend Ello on its promise to eliminate advertisements and keep its users’ personal information safe, the sole thing preventing me from continuing to use this site is the fact that I already have a Tumblr account that displays years worth of compiled photos. To switch platforms and ultimately start from scratch seems worthless when both social media pages are so similar.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.36.29 AM

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